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CC Mack, an avid reader of multiple genres (and one with a wild imagination), writes cross genre/genre-bending romance fiction to enthrall her readers by taking them on an emotional journey. Her works, in various stages of production, are unique in theme, viewpoint, and structure and can be characterized as suspense romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, adventure-based romance, inspirational-based romance, sizzling romance, and contemporary romance.
     CC’s books are interwoven with relevant social issues in which readers can relate embracing historical occurrences, warfare, medical and psychological aspects, sex, spirituality, betrayal, soul searching, love and loss, adventure, female empowerment and bonding and include a comedic flair (sometimes lascivious in nature – consider yourself warned). Though fiction by description, the research incorporated into each of CC Mack’s novels embodies a non-fictional element (some of it from personal experience but we’ll let the reader guess which one is which).
     Born in the Appalachian Mountains, CC resides with her husband and the one who loves her unconditionally, her dog. She has two children and one perfect granddaughter.

     Registered Nurse by day (20 year career) and writer by “any time left in a day”, CC enjoys reading books by her favorite authors, all outdoor activities such as hiking and watersports, hanging out with special friends (you know who you are), and listening to music (eclectic in taste to say the least). She loves animals and desserts (dogs play a role in all her books and she will sign anything for chocolate or cheesecake).


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